Official Rules of [SSE]

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Official Rules of [SSE]

Post  BadZzch on Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:15 am

Official TOS of Socom Soldier's Elite

Originally written by BadZzch-2.O
Rewritten by Ifrit-2.O
Edited and revised by JCMercenary


(1) - Morals

(1A)~You must respect your leader and other members equally.

(1B)~You must follow orders and not disobey so that you may satisfy your self-interests.

(1C)~You must be honest.

(1D)~No insulting other clans without consent.

(2) - Penalty System

(2A)~Penalties will be based on the three point strike system. The over-seeing higher rank members will decide the severity (1-2 ponits min max).

(2B)~We use a three strike system (three and your out). Offenses can be ranged from 1-3 strikes. Once recieved, your future in this clan will be decided by a jury of SSE members. It will be their obligation to base their views of the truth and "nothing but the truth".

(2C)~Some minor consequences such as warnings, multiple warnings will result in a strike.

(2D)~Penalties are removed after 2 months of placement.

(3) - Site rules

(3A)~Respect - all members of SSE are to be treated as equals on the forums, and you are not to belittle or disrespect them for their opinions.

(3B)~Religious beliefs - You will respect others despite their religious beliefs, whether they are Satanist, Christian, or Atheist, they will be treated equally, or you will receive a penalty and possibly an immediate ban.

(3C)~Sexuality - If a poster on the forums is a homosexual, bisexual, etc., you will not treat them differently and any homophobic behavior will not be tolerated.

(3D)~Opinions - All posters are entitled to their opinions, as long as the opinions do not break any rules of the forum. You are to respect another poster's political opinion, for example, and that poster is to respect the opinion of the next poster, not discriminating against them in any way.

(3E)~Flaming - Flaming is not tolerated on these forums. Any topic that turns into a flame war will be immediately locked, and all involved will receive penalty.
Flaming includes deliberately insulting another's opinion to make them angry at you, provoking flaming.

(3F)~Language - As most of us play games that do use vulgar
language, we might use it ourselves from time to time, such as here on
the forums, but please, use it moderately and responsibly.

(3G)~Directly Vulgar Language - Swearing shouldn't be used on the forums unless in the SPAM section
where almost anything is allowed, although it will be tolerated when
used in expressing disappointment, sadness, etc., but it is not to be used against other posters.
You may also notice that most vulgar words have been wordfiltered.

(3H)~Sexually Suggestive Language - Not tolerated anywhere except SPAM. Posting graphic sexual stories is NOT
allowed anywhere in these forums. Any offensive language toward other
posters involving sexual language will involve a penalty or ban.

(3I)~Leet Speak and text message language - Please refrain from typing in "leet-speak" or posting in a manner that resembles that of text messages.

Example: d00d did u s33 dat hackr in dat g4m3 w3 wer3 1n? dat wz cr4zy!11

(4) - Post location and structure

(4A)~Double Posting - Posters shouldn't double post, as it's just
pointless. In the top right corner of your post, instead, click the
edit button to add information you forgot. No strike can be issued, but
it is frowned upon and your posts will be merged.

(4B)~Rapid Posting - If a Moderator or Administrator sees that you
have several (usually 6+) posts submitted within a few minutes of each
other, the Mod/Admin has the right to delete one or more of these posts
if they're deemed useless to the thread itself.

(4C)~Making Multiple Threads - If a topic is already covered in another thread, do not make another thread discussing the same thing.

Example: There is a thread in the Absent
Leave Log about how you won't be online due to being banned. Instead of
making a new thread, you have the right to double post your thread to
"bump" it to the top and let other SSE members know that you will not
be online. This is the only situation in which double posting is

(4D)~Posting in the Correct Section - Please, when posting, remember that we have
specific sections for posting in. You shouldn't just post every time in
the Discussion section, for example, and make a Moderator/Admin move it
for you. This gets on their nerves and is a very tedious thing to do.

(4E)~Spamming - Spamming is not allowed anywhere but in the SPAM section.

I.E. : Poster 1: Check out this new Assassin's Creed 2 video.
Poster 2: k.
Poster 3: lol
Poster 4: (Analysis of what they thought of the video and their opinions)

Posters 1 and 4 would be the only ones displaying proper posting behavior.

(5) - Adult Content

(5A)~Pornography/nudity - Posting full nudity or pictures of sexual intercourse is not tolerated on the forums. "Partial nudity" (somebody in a swimsuit) such as a picture of yourself or a friend at the beach are allowed. The most you'll get is a big "eww" from Badzzch. Razz

You will receive an instant ban of a varying length on the first offense.
Second offense will be a fixed 2 month ban.
Third offense will be a ban ranging from 1 year to being banned until 2109.

(5B)~Gore - Posting pictures of almost-President Al Gore
is allowed. Posting pictures of real life gore (dead people,
dismemberments, snake/spider bites, etc.) is not allowed. You will have
your post removed and receive a strike for posting these.

(5C)~Generally Inappropriate Content - Posting things like fecal matter, urine, or vomit is not allowed. This is offensive to other posters.

Video game gore is okay.

(6) - Multiple Names

(6A)~Do not make multiple names on the forum, as that creates difficulties on many degrees. Instead, ask an Admin to change
your name, and make sure you do so in a public thread so other SSE
members don't get confused.

(7) - Inactive Players

(7A)~will be removed except for extreme cases.

(7B)~will be briefed if they don't play with us enough to be considered a contributing member.

(7) - Site Names

(7A)~Names must be the name you had in the clan when you joined the site. (From now on we are going to crack down on this, if you don't change it we will change it for you.

The list of rules is subject to change. Rules or subsections of rules may be removed or added with the passage of time.

(Out of Date and Removed)
(2) - War Game Morals

(2A)~Do not hold the mics..period. Holding the mics will result in not participating in the war. Simple as that.

(2B)~There is to be absolutely no mention of hacking. If you happen to know the clan we are talking to hacks or something along those lines, use a whisper or communicate over computer.

(2C)~Wars are what we train for, have your full attention on them, not while watching tv or something.

(3D)~If you are caught hacking, depending on the settings, you usually will recieve 2-3 strikes.

(3E)~There is 0% tolerance policy of hacking

(3G)~Usually, hackers never are able to enter the clan again due to complications.

(7) - Hack Discussion

(7A)~SOCOM Hacking Discussion - You are especially not to discuss how to use
FTB2 or FTB3 hacks or show your FTB2 or FTB3 database on the forums. We are a legit
clan that does not have to hack to win at an online handheld game. Any
discussion of FTB2 or FTB3 hacking is unacceptable.

You may, however,
post warning about a new hack that you've seen being used, report a
hacker in SSE, or tell how to counter hackers without hacks on the

(9) - Site posting penalties

(9A)~spam penalties (posting for the sake of doing nothing important) can result in loss of rank or abilities in the clan, or in absolutley severe cases, Strikes.

(9B)~Inappropriate actions.

(9C)~State your socom status.

(9D)~Due to security, must state other clans so that we can protect assure that we will not be manipulated.

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Re: Official Rules of [SSE]

Post  Pianoman7117™ on Mon Nov 14, 2011 4:26 am

Revised and updated as of 11/13/2011.


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